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Bank fraud

From: FBI
Country: USA
State: TX
CrimeType: Robbery
Date: 25 May 2000
Time: 17:57:27
Remote Name:



DESCRIPTION: Billie Jean Garman is a white female, born in Henderson, Texas, on January 20th, 1931. She is one-meter sixty-seven centimeters in height, weighs about sixty-seven kilograms, and has graying blond hair and brown eyes. She may be in Costa Rica or Belize. She has been married six times and has six children. Garman likes antique furniture and expensive clothes and jewelry, and has extensive knowledge of real estate. She may be supporting herself as a saleswoman or business proprietor. An avid gambler, Garman drinks heavily and uses cocaine. Garman has used the names "Billie Jean Corson," "Billie Jean Schumacher," "Billie Jean Boles," "Billie Jean Idie," and "Billie Jean Banks."

Case Details: Billie Jean Garman is wanted by U.S. authorities for financial crimes that cost American investors and the U.S. government millions of dollars. In 1986, Garman and her son, Robert Corson, purchased a federally insured savings and loan bank in Houston, Texas. In less than three months, they had made more than forty million dollars¦ worth of illegal and unsecured loans. The bank soon failed. Garman and Corson were indicted in November 1992 on charges of conspiracy, bank fraud, money laundering, interstate transportation of stolen property, and income tax evasion. Corson died of a heart attack soon after his indictment. Garman failed to appear for trial in February 1993. She is believed to have fled U.S. jurisdiction.

If you have information concerning Billie Jean Garman, you should contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. The identity of individuals who furnish information will be kept in strict confidence.

Last changed: May 25, 2000