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From: Sandra
Country: USA
State: OH
City: Cleveland
Street: E156th & Lakeshore
CrimeType: Robbery
Date: 26 May 2000
Time: 13:10:00
Remote Name:


She was on her way to the bus stop when a black kid asked her what time it was. When she took the moment to pause, he grabbed her purse!! She had it strapped over her shoulder & neck like they say to do to deter a mugger, but it didn't bother this kid.

As she hung on to it, he dragged her a ways & no one would help her. The strap finally broke & she let it go. This was was on the corner of E156th & Lakeshore. That's in Cleveland, OH. She chased him up 156 & then lost him. 2 ladies saw the whole thing & the nice black lady chased him, with her car, & saw him toss the purse & take his shirt off. She then cornered him & had him pinned until the cops came. 4 cop cars decsended on him!! That's a great improvement for the response compared to 4 years ago!!

Last changed: May 26, 2000