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From: FLPD
Country: USA
State: FL
City: Ft Lauderdale
CrimeType: Robbery
Date: 06 Jun 2000
Time: 11:36:37
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Age: 27 (DOB 02-25-73) Sex: Male Race: Black Height: 5'11" Weight: 150 lbs Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Scars: Unknown Tattoos: Unknown

Douglas Oneil Hannam is wanted for murder. Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida say Hannam, Andre Hall and Oliver Jones entered a local auto body shop on May 12, 1999 to rob the owner. The owner, Spurgeon Bowen resisted and got into a struggle with Hannam. During the fight, Spurgeon bit off Hannam's left thumb. At that point, one of Hannam's accomplices shot Spurgeon dead. Spurgeon's wife, June Bowen, and a customer witnessed the murder. When homicide detectives arrived at the scene, they found the severed thumb-tip on the ground. Print analysts were able to lift a partial fingerprint off the thumb and match it up to a thumbprint in their files on Hannam. Hall and Jones were arrested for Spurgeon's murder and are awaiting trial.

Police say Hannam and his accomplices belong to a Jamaican stick up gang that specializes in robbing drug dealers and armored car shipments around the country. Police say the gang is known on the street as "Winer's Boys" after their alleged leader, Bobby Winer. Winer is also wanted for questioning in several homicides and armed robberies. Police in Hempsted, New York want to question Hannam and Winer about a murder case in that city.

Data from: Fort Lauderdale P.D., Florida

Last changed: June 06, 2000